“Gold Bridge Community School, connecting children with their world.”

 Our school offers:


An education that reflects a passion for the natural world and an outdoor lifestyle
-direct, daily contact with nature in and out of the classroom.

Small Classes

Small class size allowing for individualized learning and unique flexibility within the provincial curriculum
– The Ministry of Education encourages the creativity and passion of individual teachers to infuse the curriculum with substance and meaning.  This is particularly true for our school. Class size here allows for a much greater scope of activities and interests than would otherwise be the case.


The support of a close knit and diverse community
-students learn to be active members of a community through community projects, events and volunteerism
-community members volunteer and provide mentoring in a variety of ways including the arts, music and outdoor education.


Safe learning environment that promotes self-reliance and confidence in students
-absence of negative peer pressure
we nurture and foster “resilience” in our children. They learn how to navigate a world, in a way that makes them stronger, and along with that, more empathic.

Live Where You Play

Have you always dreamed of the life where you can live where you play?

Gold Bridge Community School
157 Haylmore Ave
Gold Bridge
Ph: 250-238-2255

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