The students, teacher and guest blogger Sal DeMare went on a snowshoeing adventure on the Gun Lake Recreation Trail.

A few basic snowshoeing techniques were explained at the beginning of the adventure and off we went onto the trail. There were many smaller trees that were bent over from the snow accumulations so we had to shake them with our poles, to get them to lift up out of the way. The students loved doing that!! At one point there was a larger one that we had to go off the trail and into the bush so we could bypass it. This tested the students as we had to go over brush and fallen trees to get back onto the trail. We also discussed “tree well” safety as we had roughly 80 cm of snow and some deep tree wells along the trail. We finally turned around and came back the way we came and saw the nice trail we had made in the snow with the snowshoes. Everyone was tired on the return to the vehicle so we heated up the chilli that the students had help make. We all enjoyed eating it. They also help bake some cookies in the morning that we had for desert. All in all it was a great adventure.